Phoenix Startups: Register with CrunchBase

Encouraging Phoenix startups and Phoenix entrepreneurs to add themselves to CrunchBase to provide better insight into companies in the Phoenix area.

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

Many people in Phoenix don't know about CrunchBase, the free database of technology companies, people, and investors brought to you by TechCrunch. If Phoenix startups, technology companies, people, investors and service providers (non-tech: lawyers, PR, etc.) add themselves to CrunchBase, we could get a better idea about who's in Phoenix, what they're doing and how we, as a community, can help them succeed.

I've heard talk from multiple people in the last few weeks about independent initiatives for creating something similar to this, but why not use what already exists? Even better, they have a CrunchBase API, so, if you want to build on top of it you can! Of course, first glance at the API seems pretty sketchy at the moment... However, I'm sure you could get a beta invite and help them work out the kinks :)

There's also a location based search, so if you were worried about that, take a look at this map of Phoenix companies.

Fill in a form and bada-bing your company is submitted to CrunchBase, so why not do it now?

HT @ChrisTingom for reminding me to talk about this.

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