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Help support Heat City, a local Phoenix, Arizona freelance news source by giving a donation.

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

I recently saw a tweet by Nick Martin, a freelance journalist in Phoenix, asking for donations for his online news outlet Heat City. They cover news stories that you may not hear through traditional media outlets and that's why I like it. That's also why I donated.

After donating I received a personal email from Nick telling me about Heat City, what they're working on and how much they appreciate my donation. Even better, he knew who I was and asked me how Velocity Labs was going. That surprised me because we've never actually met or talked. It's that kind of attention to local happenings that sets Heat City apart.

They're only looking to raise $700 in the next 2 weeks. Seems like a small price to pay for something of great value. Will you show your support and donate?

Also, if you have news stories or leads pass them along to Nick.

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