Freebootr Ahoy!

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

I wrote recently about Phoenix Hacknight (that happens every Wednesday) because I want people to know that there is a vibrant, active community in Phoenix centered around technology. Hacknight has become a place where people meet consistently to network with each other and hack on various projects. I have attended every single Hacknight and closed shop on most of them, but besides the amazing 6 hour hacknight website, I've yet to really release a new idea to the public.

That's why I'm happy to announce the launch of Freebootr!

The Idea

Freebootr is an idea hatched at Hacknight by Chris Irish and me. It provides a place for people to easily and quickly find free items in their area as well as post free items they no longer want or need. We hope that this will result in less landfill waste and reduced cost to consumers. We believe this type of service should be free and open to the public and that's exactly what we've done. What's more, we believe it should be fun to use, which is why the site is pirate themed! Why, you ask?

freebooter |ˈfrēˌboōtər| noun
a pirate or lawless adventurer.

That's right, a freebooter is a pirate, so naturally we themed the site after these denizens of the sea. Arrr!

The Journey

Freebootr has been in the works for about 8 weeks at Hacknight. Chris and I have put in about 40 hours each throughout that time and set a goal to release the first version of the product today, on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We also took a 2 week hiatus to implement the Hacknight website. It has been a fun, and somewhat bumpy, ride to get here, but we did it.

The Rest

Now the real work begins, for us and for you. We want… nay, need your feedback to make a great, useful site. So check it out and be sure to call us out when we suck (and occasionally when we kick ass).

Now go out there, me hearty, and become a Freebootr!

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