Hacknight at Gangplank

Hacknight is a way to meet and collaborate with tech geeks in Phoenix on projects… or just play Rock Band.

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

About 24 weeks ago, we started hosting a regular Wednesday night gathering at our Chandler, Arizona office called hacknight (originally hack-a-mania). We open our office to the public from 6pm until whenever to allow people in the Phoenix area to meet, network, play, eat, have fun and, of course, hack on projects. After almost 6 months, hacknight is still going strong!

Check out this hacknight video

Hack Night from Integrum Technologies on Vimeo.

Come join us at Gangplank for Hack Night every Wednesday night at the Integrum offices.

Also check out the people and projects at hacknight, on the new site devoted to everyone who makes these wonderful events happen! If you're interested in what hacknights are doing for the Phoenix community, be sure to come by the office located at

325 E. Elliot Rd., Suite 34, Chandler, AZ 85225

We're there every Wednesday night, hacking away; you should be too!

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