Alpha Version 2.0

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

It's only been a couple of weeks since the first alpha, but I am moving on an aggressive schedule to release significant new features every couple of weeks. In addition to the major releases, I have been adding or modifying smaller items as I see them. So really there were several 1.x releases in there, but I didn't keep close tabs on them.

My deployment time is way down. This time around it took me less than an hour to fully deploy the site. Part of this release made some improvements in that area to allow things to go more smoothly. I also know more about what I should be wary of changing in the host environment.

This version was live on the site as of this morning, but I allowed the notice stating changes and downtime up all day just in case I needed to work some things out. I spent the rest of the day adding content to the site. Wouldn't be a very useful site without content, eh? Got a taste of my own medicine and for the most part, I was pleased. There were a few things I was annoyed with and made notes to change them soon. Funny how things look different when you put on your user hat…

Yet another step closer to ending my self-imposed closed-registration, invitation-only alpha. It will be a great feeling to open registration to the general public. Still lots to do before that time though.

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