Alpha Available

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

This weekend was my dad's 60th birthday, so I was too busy to work on the site, but I had it uploaded on Friday. I wanted to ensure that deployment to the server hadn't broken anything (it had) before beginning the invitation process.

My first server deployment took me 18 hours… Wow. There were some strange differences between my environment and the hosting environment. Eventually I got all but one problem figured out.

The remaining problem has only appeared in Production mode. I suspect that it is either an RMagick or possibly NFS weirdness. When I attempt to upload a picture, the site hangs. I sometimes see a .nfs* file appearing in my server directory during this time. Thought maybe there might be some kind of file size limit, but have not yet discovered such yet. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Since I am in alpha, I am currently in Development mode and I have not seen it there yet. Could it possibly be Production mode strictness?

I have invited about 20 people so far to try it out and give feedback. It has only been a couple of hours and I have already taken my first support call and have three feedback items for suggested changes. I'm sure that there will be many things coming up that I did not think about. It should be very interesting.

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