Musings of a startup junkie and Ruby on Rails nerd.

Quick Tip: Cucumber Works-in-Progress

How to use the Cucumber tagging feature to tag scenarios.

Quick Tip: Rails Singularization of -ess

How to handle singularization of words like 'business' and 'address' through custom inflection rules in Ruby on Rails.

Fixing Multipart Uploads in Rack for Ruby 1.9

Patch your Rack installation after seeing an 'invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII' error.

Trimming the Fat from your Social Media Diet

Keep relevant people close while removing the irrelevant ones. Start trimming.

Challenge Yourself to Create Better Relationships... Offline

I challenge you to spend some time building relationships in real life instead of focusing solely on virtual relationships.

Reevaluating the Handshake

Looks at the popular notion of giving a proper handshake and examines an experience with an alternative way that conveys sincerity instead of dominance.

Observations Photographing LaidOffCamp Phoenix

Observations I had while photographing LaidOffCamp Phoenix in Gilbert, AZ on August 8, 2009. This is the first event I've photographed.

Building a Strong Company Culture

Netflix describes their current approach to company culture.

Growing a Small Business, One Person at a Time

A recent discussion at Phoenix OpenCoffee Club Meetup revolved around concerns and tips when growing a small business.

Using Named Scopes in a Rails Plugin

After extracting common functionality with named scopes into a Rails plugin, I was seeing some strange behavior. I describe the cause and solution.