Musings of a startup junkie and Ruby on Rails nerd.

Enable Secure Admin for Wordpress

Secure your Wordpress administration area using a self-signed certificate and Nginx webserver.

Discover Events in Phoenix with Eventification

An event site geared toward technology and business events in Phoenix, AZ.

SEO Resources for Dummies (i.e., me)

My experiences with learning search engine optimization (SEO) to help the ranking of Millarian.

Phoenix Artist Offers a Chance to Live with Art

Phoenix artist and photographer Tyson Crosbie is hosting a contest to exhibit one of his rare, signed, 1 of 1 works in your home. Enter before July 17th!

Igniting Phoenix Developers

An Ignite-style event for developers hosted by Intel.

Phoenix Startup Drinks - July Edition

Startup drinks brings together entrepreneurs over a pint to share and collaborate.

Support Freelance Journalism in Phoenix

Help support Heat City, a local Phoenix, Arizona freelance news source by giving a donation.

Phoenix Startups: Register with CrunchBase

Encouraging Phoenix startups and Phoenix entrepreneurs to add themselves to CrunchBase to provide better insight into companies in the Phoenix area.

Supporting Phoenix Startups

Some of the ways {{ }} supports Phoenix startups and asks what else can be done to foster entrepreneurship in Phoenix.

Flatterline: New Beginnings