Musings of a startup junkie and Ruby on Rails nerd.

Jekyll Presentation at Ruby AZ

A presentation on the Jekyll static site generator from a recent Phoenix Ruby meetup.

How Twitter replaced my RSS reader

Twitter has become a fast growing communication platform. Can we use it as a replacement for an RSS reader?

Say hello to the new Phoenix OpenCoffee Club

The new Phoenix OpenCoffee Club website enables community members to ask questions, submit posts and keep up on news and events.

Arizona's First Ruby Conference - SunnyConf 2010

SunnyConf 2010 is Arizona's first Ruby conference. With a great lineup of speakers, lightning talks and hacking, you won't want to miss it!

IE tries to be helpful when using JavaScript to set the href attribute

When using JavaScript to set the href attribute of an anchor tag, IE sometimes updates the inner HTML. Why does this happen and what are some solutions?

IE7 resize window problem

I describe a problem encountered in IE7 when dealing with a centered body and relatively positioned elements that appeared to have a fixed position.

Honeypot Captchas for Rails

A simple, unobtrusive way to try to combat automated form spam.

Quick Tip: Rails Named Bind Variables

How to use named bind variables in a Ruby on Rails query to increase readability and reduce duplication.

Quick Tip: Cucumber Works-in-Progress

How to use the Cucumber tagging feature to tag scenarios.

Quick Tip: Rails Singularization of -ess

How to handle singularization of words like 'business' and 'address' through custom inflection rules in Ruby on Rails.