Musings of a startup junkie and Ruby on Rails nerd.

Fixing Multipart Uploads in Rack for Ruby 1.9

Patch your Rack installation after seeing an 'invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII' error.

Trimming the Fat from your Social Media Diet

Keep relevant people close while removing the irrelevant ones. Start trimming.

Challenge Yourself to Create Better Relationships... Offline

I challenge you to spend some time building relationships in real life instead of focusing solely on virtual relationships.

Reevaluating the Handshake

Looks at the popular notion of giving a proper handshake and examines an experience with an alternative way that conveys sincerity instead of dominance.

Observations Photographing LaidOffCamp Phoenix

Observations I had while photographing LaidOffCamp Phoenix in Gilbert, AZ on August 8, 2009. This is the first event I've photographed.

Building a Strong Company Culture

Netflix describes their current approach to company culture.

Growing a Small Business, One Person at a Time

A recent discussion at Phoenix OpenCoffee Club Meetup revolved around concerns and tips when growing a small business.

Using Named Scopes in a Rails Plugin

After extracting common functionality with named scopes into a Rails plugin, I was seeing some strange behavior. I describe the cause and solution.

Using Foursquare to Discover Phoenix

Thoughts on using Foursquare, a location-based application, to discover the Phoenix community, support local businesses and have fun!

Quick Tip: Override Rails Generated URLs

Override the default Ruby on Rails generated URLs for a resource. It is a quick and simple way to change your URLs without changing your code.