Say hello to the new Phoenix OpenCoffee Club

The new Phoenix OpenCoffee Club website enables community members to ask questions, submit posts and keep up on news and events.

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

When the Phoenix chapter of OpenCoffee Club was started, it got by at first with a group on Yahoo's Upcoming event site. That worked for a little while, but I don't consider it to be a very good platform. Later, when Brian Shaler took up the challenge presented by event organizers in Phoenix and created Eventification, a site dedicated to providing a single place to find out about business and technology events in Phoenix, we were one of the first to move our group over there. It's a much better platform than it was when we first started promoting through it and we're happy to see that it's grown and improved.

However, as we pass the 18 month mark of organizing this weekly event for entrepreneurs, I felt that I'd like to do more with the group. What I'd really like is for the conversations and information sharing we're doing at the weekly event to continue online. So, thanks to some prodding from Marc Chung, I threw together a site1 so that entrepreneurs in Phoenix can ask questions, submit posts and keep up on the latest news and events2.

It's intended to be a community site, so feel free to ask questions about small business, entrepreneurship, investment, technology or whatever else you can think of and we'll do our best to answer them. Additionally, the community can submit posts that will appear on the site (after moderation). The posts can be text, video, images, audio, etc., which is pretty cool. I think there are other things that we could add to it, but I'd like to get some feedback first.

So, without further ado, go check it out the new Phoenix OpenCoffee Club website and let me know your thoughts!

  1. I researched various options and settled on Tumblr as the platform because it provides all of the functionality I was looking for and is extremely easy to use. I also don't need to host it myself...
  2. We're still using and promoting scheduling events through Eventification. I even added a small bit of JavaScript that pulls the latest OpenCoffee Club event from the Eventification API and prominently displays it in the header. I'm also working on creating a series of event distribution widgets for Eventification.

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