Almost Beta-worthy

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

I've been neglecting posting lately because I have my head down working on my startup. (Speaking of startups, a good friend is embarking on his own startup journey)

I have also been neglecting reading other blogs. My Bloglines account is overflowing with unread postings. I worked off about a third of them this morning, but will not spend further time on it today. When you work from home, it is easy to become distracted. That is partly why I donated my TV to The Salvation Army. I enjoy my daily reading, but when it is time to work it must sit idle. Eventually, I will have time to resume reading.

My prototype has come a long way and I am almost ready for people to begin using it. It's exciting to see something you've spent so much time working on become mature enough for people to use. I've already solicited feedback from a half-dozen people and the reactions were positive. I expect it will only be a couple of more weeks before I enter private beta. I am pleased with what I have so far and considering I have only been at this for about six weeks, my progress has been amazingly fast.

Back to work – words of encouragement are appreciated! Or share your own startup experiences in the comments.

Update: My brother is also launching his own site called May All Be Well.

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