Share Your Vision with Obama

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

The transition team for Obama is doing a pretty good job keeping things transparent and open, but they need your input to truly effect change. I submitted on a while ago, but kept the transcript of what I submitted:

As a software engineer, I appreciate your focus on technology and how it has helped shaped your campaign (and hopefully your administration). I believe that focus on technology combined with your America Serves initiative could provide a great opportunity for Americans to give back to their country.

Specifically, I would like to see a national challenge of volunteerism communicated through a variety of mediums including a website, social networks, mass messaging (e.g., Twitter), blogs, etc. This message would be constantly and consistently communicated and the website would allow Americans to track their individual, local, city, state and nationwide participation metrics (e.g., # of hours volunteered, $ saved, people helped, jobs created).

Of course, this could be broken into individual and corporate programs. There might also be incentives/rewards to encourage participation (e.g., national recognition award, visit to the white house).

If you ask Americans to volunteer in the same way you asked them to vote for you they will listen and act because they believe in you. I believe in you. Thank you.

Now, it's time to submit your input to the Obama transition team!

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