Rocking the Vote!

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

Last week I watched a talk given by Danah Boyd at UNC. She is a PhD candidate at the UC Berkeley School of Information and a social media researcher at Yahoo!

I found her talk to be very insightful and after watching, I promptly added her blog to my list of daily reading. I would also like to read some of her research papers, but have not yet had time. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in social networking to subscribe to her blog and hear what she has to say.

Now she has a very long, truthful post about her cynicism. So many of the frustrations and realizations she talks about resonate with my own views and experiences. She ends by asking everyone to please register to vote and I agree with her. Nothing will change if people don't care enough to work toward changing it.

I have been apathetic when it comes to voting. It's easy to think “my vote won't matter” and therefore do nothing. As I get older, I realize that it is important to vote, especially for younger voters. Our vote now will shape the way the country is headed in the future – our future. So please, register to vote and take action.

Rock the vote!

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