Phoenix Artist Offers a Chance to Live with Art

Phoenix artist and photographer Tyson Crosbie is hosting a contest to exhibit one of his rare, signed, 1 of 1 works in your home. Enter before July 17th!

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

"Art is God" is something I once heard Phoenix artist and photographer Tyson Crosbie say during an informative talk entitled "What is art?" At the time, I didn't really know Tyson, but I'd been impressed with the Twitter avatars he was producing for the Phoenix community. Little did I know that he was much more than a photographer.

With the release of his first self-published book, Phoenix 20, I was blown away. I ordered a copy of the book and even got it signed by Tyson. Since then we've become friends, and when he released his second book in the series, Phoenix 21, I'm happy to say I was one of the first to order.

These two books, and hopefully more to come, comprise a collection of fine art photography that I'm proud to have in my sparse collection of art. But what if you had a chance to have one of his rare, signed, 1 of 1 edition pieces hanging in your home? Well now you can.

Simply leave a comment on lying to tell the truth or tweet about it using the #L4t hashtag.

You only have until Friday, July 17th for a chance to win!

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