Joining the Phoenix Developer Community

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

When I came back from RailsConf I realized how poor my local participation has been. I've been in Phoenix for almost a year and I haven't been to a single local group meeting. Shame on me :(.

But that all changed on Tuesday when I attended the Refresh Phoenix meeting at Inza Coffee in Scottsdale. The Refresh group is trying to create a “strong community of designers and developers.” Cool!

I was surprised by the turn out (in a good way) – there were about 50 people there. Of the people I talked with, most were designers. They had about six demos from various groups on applications and ideas they were working on. My favorite was probably JumpBox because they demoed an app they created to help with setting up SVN and Trac in one fell swoop. In fact, they did it live during the demo. They have some other ones you can check out on their applications page.

It was a pretty good gathering of folks, but people just split afterwards. I wanted to meet more locals and start forming a network, but was only able to talk with a few people. Rumor has it that some people hit Rock Bottom after the meeting maybe next time.

I'm also going to attend the Phoenix Ruby User Group and AZ on Rails events this month. I'm really interested in meeting people in the Phoenix area, so look me up if you go to either of those.

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