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Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

I posted recently about OpenCoffee and Startup Drinks, both are events geared toward entrepreneurs, investors and startups. Normally, I would schedule these events through Upcoming, Twitter and blog posts and hope that people in Phoenix would find out about them. Thanks to Brian Shaler, there's now a better way!

EventificationHe recently release Eventification, "an event aggregator that helps you discover cool technology and business events in Phoenix, AZ, that are relevant to you." Eventification gives you the ability to browse upcoming events, browse by topic or date and then subscribe to those topics via RSS or iCal. So for instance, if you wanted to know more about entrepreneurship events in Phoenix then you'd subscribe to the entrepreneurship topic. You can also get notification by email about events at daily or weekly intervals.

After seeing the great work that Brian has done with the site, I decided to start scheduling OpenCoffee exclusively through Eventification. If you were part of the Upcoming group, then you already received a message about this. If not, you can now find out about both OpenCoffee and Startup Drinks by subscribing to the entrepreneurship tag on Eventification. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to discover more events for entrepreneurs at the same time! If you're an event organizer in Phoenix, consider scheduling your events through Eventification. It's free and easy!

Even if you're not an event organizer, you can help Eventification. Here are some ideas:

  • Blog about it. Use links with relevant keywords like "Phoenix events", "Phoenix tech events", "Phoenix business events", etc. Deep link to specific topics using relevant keywords, like "Phoenix photography events".
  • Tweet about it.
  • Use it. Give Brian feedback about the site. What do you like/dislike? Have ideas, send them in! Use the official Eventification feedback site on UserVoice.
  • Contribute to it. I'm sure Brian could use the help of a variety of people, from PHP developers to SEO gurus to iPhone developers. Phoenix has all of these types of people, and more, so give him a hand.

How else can the Phoenix community help promote Eventification and other local initiatives?

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