CollabLab: Coworking in North Phoenix

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

CollabLab has closed!

If you're still looking for a great coworking space in Phoenix, then give CO+HOOTS creative coworking a try. It's centrally located in a historic building and is a great place to work!

On Wednesday, February 18th, Phoenix is getting a new coworking space: CollabLab!

Mike Montalvo, the CEO of automotive electronics company Digital Tuning is opening up two of the four rooms in Digital Tuning's office suite as shared space for creative collaboration. Mike's vision for CollabLab is to provide a space in North Phoenix where people can escape from the isolation of working from home.

I see CollabLab as place for people in north Phoenix to connect. It’s a medium to connect thinkers with…doers so they can accomplish the unthinkable. Together they can work towards a common goal, be it a better recipe or the next web startup. – Mike Montalvo

And CollabLab isn't just technology oriented. Mike wants to foster an environment in which entrepreneurs of all kinds can meet, collaborate and thrive.

While there is no doubt tech will be a hot topic, I don’t want to limit CollabLab to just technology. If a chef wants to collaborate with taste testers to improve the recipe, why not? There is no reason coworking spaces have to be tech oriented. – Mike Montalvo

It appears that CollabLab already has several full-time members, but they need the support of the Phoenix community to make this a successful endeavor. Here are some things you can do:

Please spread the word about this space and if you know someone interested in sharing a creative, collaborative environment with some great people, direct them to CollabLab. When entrepreneurs like Mike and great ideas like CollabLab succeed, Phoenix and it's inhabitants benefit!

CollabLab Information and Hours

23021 N 15th Ave, Suite #205
Phoenix, AZ 85027
info [at] collablab [dot] net

8:30am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri

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