A Shady Business

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

Recently, several people told me it was unprofessional to reveal your pay rate. Doesn’t this seem like antiquated thinking? Maybe this goes back to the open, honest communication thing…

I believe that jealousy, resentment, anger, etc. about differences in pay are a direct result of keeping them secret. When they’re secret there’s no need for an employer to justify why you make less than someone else. In the case of a staffing firm it may be even more insidious – they don’t want you to know how much they’re taking out of each paycheck.

Before I started contracting, I was told by several people, and read about it on many forums and blogs, that staffing firms are out for a single purpose and don’t care about contractors at all. They will take advantage of you at every opportunity and use underhanded and sometimes even dishonest methods to get what they want. I refused to believe that because the ones I was talking to seemed very nice.

Sad to say, I’m quickly becoming a believer…

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