Rails Class Collisions

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

While trying to use the oh-so-nifty missing spec finder on a recent project, I discovered that it was not working. Hmmm… seems that somewhere along the way Rails added detection for existing constants and won't allow you to re-generate something. Instead it calls raise_class_collision, which raises a UsageError. Damn them.

Anyway, to work around this for now, you can add the following somewhere (e.g., an initializer):

require 'rails_generator/base'
require 'rails_generator/commands'

module Rails
  module Generator
    module Commands
      class Create
        def raise_class_collision(class_name)
          # Do Nothing

This should get around that inconvenience. Plus, you won't be exposed to nefarious suggestions like I was:

$ rake spec:sync
  The name 'User' is either already used in your application or reserved by Ruby on Rails.
  Please choose an alternative and run this generator again.


drug user
substance abuser

Thanks Rails, you're so helpful! I just don't understand how it could have known I was building a Facebook clone for junkies…

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