Building a Strong Company Culture

Netflix describes their current approach to company culture.

Posted by Curtis Miller Curtis Miller

I read this last night and found it particularly insightful (via Chris Chandler). It describes how Netflix is currently approaching their company culture.

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If you're starting a business in Phoenix, or already have one, how are you approaching defining the values of the company, how those values are communicated to employees and the steps necessary to find and retain great employees? Do you practice "adequate performance gets a generous severance package?" Have you ever asked yourself something similar to the Keeper Test:

Which of my people, if they told me they were leaving in the next 2 months, would I fight to keep?

Why not?

If you're an employee of a company in Phoenix, do you believe in the values your company believes in? Does your company say one thing, yet do another? If you were considering leaving, does your company value you enough to work to keep you there, while at the same time celebrating those who decide to go on to bigger things? Do you know what you'd be paid by another company; is your pay at the top of the market?

Why not?

Update: Interesting analysis of the Netflix guide by Scott Berkun.

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