Switching to WordPress

After a few years of using Mephisto, the Ruby on Rails blog system, I’m back on WordPress. Sorry RoR peeps, but it’s a lot easier and more fully featured…

I’m using Lucia’s Link Love, so after a certain number of comments, you will receive dofollow link love! (NOTE: sexual healing is playing right now at the coffee shop I’m working from… coincidence? ;) )

Enjoy the new blog. I’ll probably make a few other changes to it, but I want to keep it simple. Thanks for visiting!

Here are some resources that helped me get started:

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  1. Steven Haddox:

    Nothing to be ashamed of. I remember when I was an active Plone developer (that was _all_ I did at the time), I felt like a cheater moving my blog to WordPress, but it was simply the best option for a blog platform at the time (and I feel it still is, although there are some good competitors). Use the best tool for the job is what I say.

    Looking forward to your future posts as usual :)

  2. Chuck Reynolds:

    Hey man great! WordPress is awesome (obviously I use it a lot lol) but glad to see you back over to WP.

    Look at Hobo Web’s fork of Link Love plugin… he’s tweaking it out a bit and I’m already using it for me and a few client blogs:

  3. Ben Atkin:

    Whatever gets you blogging more. :)

    I’ve been using WordPress since 2005. When I started using it, I used the Dreamhost one-click install. Since then, it’s been moved to MediaTemple, Linode, and finally Slicehost. It works, and it’s free.

    Still, I think it would be fun to write a blog engine of my own, and use that. And I don’t think I’d be missing a whole lot of I did that.

    BTW, where’s your tag cloud? :) Do you plan to use both tags and categories? I’m only using tags, but the hierarchical categories are kinda neat.

  4. Curtis Miller:

    @Steven and @Ben thanks for the encouragement to blog again. Took quite a long break to help Flatterline get going, but I want to write again :)

    @Chuck Thanks, man! WordPress has come a long way since I used it. I tried to install the Hobo Web plugin, but it gave me an error on activation…

    @Ben right now I’m only planning to use categories. I want to limit myself to some specific things I’ll write about. If it doesn’t fit into one of the specific categories, then it goes into Random category.

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